Couples announcements February 4, 2014




Shaker Junior High School hired Jill Macdonald in 1982 to teach charming kids about sewing, cooking and career choice, which means that by 2012 she had waved goodbye as summer break began, thirty times. Hey, let’s retire!! She moved to Cape Cod, fixed her leaning chimney, took in a Great Pyrenees – Australian Shepherd, and started learning about shore birds. Eric Allen grew up in a college town (think Amherst College) and perversely became an artisan. He builds custom libraries and the like. They met in Maine some years ago, she attending a summer running camp, he working. It had been a last-minute decision for her: annoying repairs at home, nothing going right, a quick search for camps then a check sent by mail. He was fixing a door when they met. If a thousand things had not happened just so, it wouldn’t have been. Last Columbus Day they married, in a tiny chapel on a wind-beaten stretch of Maine coast. A storm somewhere pushed breakers onto the granite beachfront. The sun was out. Sarah McLachlan’s “Ordinary Miracle” wafted about. In the middle of the ceremony they looked down the aisle, out the open doors and watched all of this. Now they, and the dog, live on the Cape. And Jill sleeps in. (And kayaks.)