Skywatch Lecture - "Asteroids - Friends or Foes?"

  • When: Tuesday, October 23, 2012, 7:30 p.m.
  • Where: GE Theater at Proctors , Schenectady
  • Cost: $5 - $15
  • Age limit: All ages
  • Categories:

One of the most profound legacies of the twentieth century space age is the realization that Earth impacts by asteroids and comets pose a hazard to civilization. But what is the level of this hazard? Is there cause for any serious concern? On the other hand what is the potential for beneficial use of these objects as future space resources? And are humans destined to visit asteroids as the first “stepping stones” in interplanetary space travel? Join us as Prof. Binzel, one of the world’s leading scientists on asteroids, addresses these questions.

Richard Binzel is one of the world's leading astronomers studying Pluto and the asteroids. He is credited with having established compelling evidence linking certain Earth-impacting meteorite types with specific asteroids. Binzel devised the Torino Impact Hazard Scale, which assigns a number to the likelihood that a newly discovered asteroid will strike the Earth.


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