Murder investigation reaches grand jury

— "Chris is a person of interest. We've never called him a suspect. Chris got a lot of attention from the media because of the jeep," Corsi said. "There's a long list of people who are considered persons of interest. That list is dwindling now. In a murder investigation, you move in a direction until something moves you away from there."

Corsi mentioned the department's concern of safeguarding the rights of people of interest and added that the department has done that in this investigation.

Less than two hours after the discovery, Kindlon said police issued an all points bulletin for Chris Porco, a student at the University of Rochester.

"They issued an APB that named him as a suspect that was armed and dangerous," Kindlon said. "That's what they said."

Corsi couldn't confirm whether Kindlon's statement was accurate, though he did say an APB was issued for the 2004 Jeep Wrangler registered to Peter Porco. Chris Porco was included in that request, Corsi said. Bethlehem Police traveled to the University of Rochester, Heffernan said.

"It's not typical (in an APB regarding a murder investigation for someone to be listed as armed and dangerous)," Corsi said. "There has to be some extenuating circumstances to lead someone to believe they are armed and dangerous."

Police still have the jeep in their possession, according to Heffernan. The Porco's residence was turned back over to the family last Saturday, Heffernan said.

Cleaning crews obtained by the family worked on the house.

Kindlon said it's typical in New York State for grand juries to convene without a defendant.

"It happens all of the time around here," Kindlon said. "Especially in drug investigations."

Between 16 and 23 people are called for a grand jury, where evidence is presented and witnesses testify. In cases where there is a defendant, he can waive his right to a grand jury hearing or he can testify on his behalf.

Kindlon gave an example of a store robbery. If someone and goes in and robs a store, and the police come, and that person is walking out of the store, Kinldon said, and is caught by police, he is arrested and becomes the defendant.

Heffernan stressed that Delmar residents should feel safe.

"Residents should be assured that their safety is of the utmost importance to the department," Heffernan said. "When we feel outside agencies are needed, we accept those offers for help. These are major cases."

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