Out of area judge assigned to murder case

Chris Porco and his 23-year-old brother, Johnathan Porco, who is in the Navy, were called persons of interest at the beginning of the investigation. Both were interviewed by police. Chris Porco's Jeep Wrangler was seized by police for processing after they traveled to Rochester the day of the discovery of Peter Porco's body. Chris Porco's attorney, Terence Kindlon, have said the police made Chris Porco's Jeep "undrivable," from processing it.

"The seats were torn apart, seatbelts were missing. They took gas out because they wanted to weigh it," Kindlon said recently. Kindlon said that as Chris Porco was putting his Jeep back together recently, he found a GPS device on that car, which prompted him and Kindlon's investigator to look for similar devices on Chris Porco's mother's car, which he's been driving. Another GPS system was attached to that car, Kindlon said.

Bethlehem Police have never publicly called Chris Porco a suspect in the attack on his parents.

Interviews with Chris Porco ended when Terence Kindlon, whose services were retained by 21-year-old Chris Porco's family, advised him not participate in any more police interviews.

"What a person of interest is someone we want to talk to, who may have information useful to us, not necessarily a suspect or not a suspect," Cox said.""

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