Swabs yield only parents' DNA; Uncle also heard couch testimony

— At the time, Joan Porco was in critical condition and undergoing several hours of surgery to repair damage inflicted by an attacker wielding an ax on her and her husband at their home at 36 Brockley Drive, Delmar, the night before. Peter Porco, died from the attack.

Balzano also stated during pre-trial testimony that when he arrived at the campus to drive Porco to Albany, "he was very quiet, still, almost dark because I didn't recognize him."

Bethlehem Det. Christopher Bowdish testified on Wednesday that an all points bulletin was issued for Porco the afternoon he was a passenger in his uncle's car.

Before testimony began on Friday, Judge Jeffrey Berry told jurors both the defense and prosecution agreed to allow into evidence the Porco family's life insurance policy.

"The parties agree, along with Christopher Porco himself, that Joan and Peter Porco had a life insurance policy on their life and that Jonathan and Christopher Porco were alternate or main beneficiaries on these life insurance policies," said Berry.

Prosecutors indicated throughout the proceedings that Christopher Porco was in heavy financial debt and would benefit from the death of his parents, Peter and Joan.

DNA expert and forensic scientist, Urfan Mukhtar, performed several DNA tests of swabs extracted from the scene of the crime by police investigators. The evidence shows that all of the samples of fiber, fingernail scrapings, blood or other swabs taken from 36 Brockley Drive after the crime are those of Peter and Joan Porco.

"This was brought into evidence to show that police conducted a very thorough investigation," said Chief Prosecutor Michael McDermott. "There was no third party DNA found at the crime scene.

State Police forensic scientist Richard Brunt collected several items of evidence at the Delmar home crime scene and from Porco's Jeep Wrangler. The items were mostly blood samples and fingerprints, to be swabbed and tested.

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