Heat loss

"It's too hot for people to even go outside and barbecue," he said.

Or to go outside and shop. Marjorie Corrow drove from Niskayuna to Saratoga Springs at 5 a.m. Tuesday to set up for a craft show in Congress Park. She had 10 customers the entire day, and other vendors didn't fare any better.

"The weathermen killed us," she says. "If you heard there was a 114-degree heat index, would you leave the house?"

Even though there were decidedly fewer people on Broadway Tuesday than the day before, some businesses got a little boost from the heat. You would expect an ice cream store to thrive in the heat, but Ben and Jerry's assistant manager Amanda Owens said she wasn't prepared for the constant influx of customers she received Tuesday. At 3 p.m. there were over 20 people in line at the Putnam Street store, with still more coming in.

"Usually, if it gets too hot, people tend to stay away. And I thought with it being as hot as it is today, we'd lose business, but apparently I was wrong," Owens said.

In triple digit heat, you can even stay cool inside a coffee shop. Uncommon Grounds' manager Greg Mankes said he served more iced coffees on Tuesday than he has so far this summer.

"We're all out of ice right now," Mankes said in between customers in the early afternoon. "Generally, our machine is abundant with ice, but we're going to have to get more."

Looking up and down Broadway Tuesday afternoon, it was feasible to think the heat had beaten everyone into submission and driven them inside. But then two joggers barreled their way down the sidewalk. Justin Arasin and Jordan Fruchter have just gotten off work at AYCO and hadn't let the high temperature deter them from their daily jog.

"We sit at a desk in the air conditioning all day," says Arasin, "so it's great to get out and get some fresh air. Even if you're sucking for it."


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