Joan Porco testifies for a second day; Prosecution asks about Christopher's travels

— "Did he say he would pay his tuition from profits he made from this business?" asked McDermott.

"We knew there was a tuition waiver from what he told us," Porco answered.

Witnesses from the University of Rochester financial affairs office testified that Christopher Porco never had a tuition waiver, and instead owed $17,000 for the 2004 fall semester.

McDermott said in an interview outside the courtroom that Christopher Porco in fact made $30,000 in income one year from his home-based computer business, and had filed for a DBA or a business name for Doing Business As Computers Direct 2000. McDermott wouldn't say how Christopher Porco obtained the merchandise that he sold.

"We are precluded from offering any proof along those lines during this trial," McDermott said.

McDermott also quizzed Joan Porco about knowledge of her son's academic deficiencies. When Christopher Porco was academically separated from the University of Rochester, his mother testified it was because Chris told her he had mononucleosis.

"It was horrible, he should not have stayed," said Joan Porco.

"Do you recall the dean telling Chris to take a medical exam," asked McDermott.

"No," answered Joan Porco.

"Do you recall the universities health office say to you he had mono," McDermott continued, "and were you presented with those records?"

"No, never," answered Joan Porco.

McDermott reminded Joan Porco that from the time Christopher Porco was academically separated from one college and flunking out in a second school he took two trips, one to Acapulco and the other to Europe.

"How did Christopher pay for his trip to Acapulco?" McDermott asked.

"Perhaps they did some fundraising," answered Joan Porco. "I don't know."

McDermott asked Joan Porco how her son paid for his European trip.

"Christopher paid for the tickets, and he was having difficulty at the time with PayPal and eBay and his cash was not accessible," said Joan Porco.

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