Joan Porco testifies; reports that she ID'd son as the assailant made her 'livid'

"You have looked over these e-mails with your attorney," asked McDermott.

"Yes, but I can't see them because of my eye," said Joan Porco, who is now blind in one eye from the attack and is only able to read with the other eye through a magnifying glass.

Thirty e-mails were submitted to the court, including several correspondences from Joan to Christopher Porco questioning her son's action or lack thereof regarding his financial affairs in the summer and fall of 2004. She also questioned her son's unwillingness to confront his parents with the truth.

"Honesty and integrity are the most important things in life," said Joan in an e-mail to her son in September 2004. Another e-mail from October asked why Christopher Porco is not accepting phone calls from either his parents or his brother Johnathan.

"Don't you want to talk to us?" asked Joan in an e-mail. "Are you hiding something?"

In another message, Joan Porco stated that her other son Johnathan tried to contact Christopher 40 times in regard to selling a computer on eBay. Christopher eventually told his mother he was trying to finance his own education in the fall of 2004 at the University of Rochester by selling merchandise over the Internet.

"He said he had a company where he was selling computers online and he had sold several in addition to working at the veterinary hospital," said Joan. Christopher Porco has worked at the Bethlehem Veterinary Hospital since he was in high school.

McDermott characterized Porco's online sales in a different way to the media, saying one of the computers sold was Joan's that was stolen from the family home and auctioned by Christopher Porco on eBay.

"It was another scam where the mother was victimized," said McDermott.

In an e-mail two weeks before the attacks, Joan Porco questioned her son's ability to reason by not addressing several outstanding loans heading to delinquency.

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