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Stockbridge would prefer that the new phase take operation as far out as 30 years, but the landfill has upgraded most of its operations in the two years since the existing phase opened, he said. New applications help to better break down wastes and minimize the space needed for its disposal. However, in landfill years, 2020 may as well be tomorrow, he said.

In April, the town completed a Local Solid Waste Management Plan. The plan was established to provide a comprehensive approach to dealing with solid waste generated in the town and villages. Outside environmentally sound and cost efficient management, the plan also points to a need to begin looking into options to extend the life of the landfill.

The plan is calling on the landfill to make the best of an estimated 165,000 tons of garbage per year. It also looks to develop programs such as composting programs, expanded recycling, recycling drop off stations and refuse drop off stations.

Win-wins, as Stockbridge calls them. Like the landfill's gas to electric plant, future operations at the facility will be to better utilize waste. Whether from electricity, compost or other potential energy uses, the goal of the plan is to fill the landfill with items that have no more redeemable economic or environmental uses, said Stockbridge.

That extends the landfills life and vitality.

From concept through to approval and certification, the town could construct Phase II Area 6 in as little as two years. However, until ground is broken and soil composition of the area is confirmed, no exact timeframe can be set. Town officials and Stockbridge are looking to get most of the paper and ground work out of the way to clear its schedule for unforeseeable roadblocks in construction.

Initial estimates put the price of Phase II Area 6 at roughly $9 million. Petroleum and energy prices have raised construction costs. Two years ago, and two and a half acres larger, Phase I rang in at $6.4 million at build out. ""

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