Former neighbor who saw Jeep testifies; prosecution rests

— "It was parked a little bit over to the right of that vehicle," Gokey said, pointing to one of the Porco family cars. "You could see the back of the Jeep."

McDermott then showed the construction manager a picture of Christopher Porco's Jeep Wrangler.

"Yes sir," said Gokey. "I can see it pulling up in that driveway, it's the same vehicle."

Gokey was referring to the many times he noticed a yellow Jeep speeding along Brockley Drive.

"Probably six to eight months prior to that date, I would see a Jeep with a young kid driving it, who liked to drive fast up and down the street," Gokey said.

McDermott ended his direct questioning, allowing Defense Attorney Laurie Shanks the opportunity to poke holes through the prosecution's key witness in the murder trial.

"You said you saw a Jeep Renegade," said Shanks.

"It's a Renegade-style Jeep," said Gokey.

"There are no street lights on Brockley Drive," said Shanks.

"There are no city lights," Gokey said.

"You had your headlights on," asked Shanks.

"My high beams were on, yes," said Gokey.

"When police came to see you, did they show you a group of different Jeeps or did they hand you a picture of one Jeep?" asked Shanks.

"They showed me a picture of a yellow Jeep, and asked me if this looked like the one I saw in the driveway," said Gokey.

"They didn't show you an array of photos," Shanks continued.

"No ma'am," Gokey stated calmly.

Attorneys for the defense allege that the Bethlehem police department did not bother to interview other witnesses, nor did they conduct a thorough crime investigation because their one and only suspect was Christopher Porco. It was Gokey who contacted police a few days following the 36 Brockley Drive crime to tell them that he saw the yellow Jeep the morning the attacks occurred.

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