Employer testifies; Dr. John Kearney said Porco considered being a lawyer

— "He restrains cats and dogs," said Kearney, " and helps with the sterilization of surgical equipment."

Kearney told McDermott that as an accredited vet hospital, every employee has to wear a cap, gown, mask and gloves when assisting in surgery. McDermott then showed the jury a photo of a typical operating room scene with a doctor and assistant wearing the surgical clothes appropriate for sterile procedures.

"It can be bloody, it can be messy work," said Dr. Kearney. "It's not all about playing with puppies."

"What type of cleanup did Christopher Porco do after a bloody, messy, surgery?" asked McDermott.

"Christopher would be responsible to wipe down the surgery table and launder the drapes, gowns, caps, etc.," said Kearney.

Kearney said there did come a time when he learned about Porco not behaving properly, but did not elaborate. After Kearney's testimony, McDermott said he was trying to imply the fact that a burglary occurred at the veterinary hospital prior to the attacks on Porco's parents at Brockley Drive, and equipment stolen from that break-in was traced back to the defendant.

"The Judge (Jeffrey Berry) precluded us from talking about the burglary," said McDermott.

Another area of Monday's testimony that was edited by Berry is a conversation Kearney had with the late Bethlehem Police Det. Anthony Arduini. Kindlon said Arduini knew both Kearney and LaForte, and at one point asked them to stop employing Porco because he was not trustworthy. The reason Arduini felt that way, according to Kindlon, is because Porco was dating the detective's older daughter when the younger daughter took a liking to the defendant.

"Christopher never reciprocated, and the mother and oldest daughter became very upset and angry at Christopher," said Kindlon to Berry after jurors were removed from the courtroom.

The defense has been trying to make a claim that Arduini and other members of Bethlehem's police department never pursued other potential leads in the murder of Peter Porco because they had convinced themselves Christopher Porco was the main suspect. When the jury returned, Kindlon was allowed to ask a few questions regarding Arduini's questioning of LaForte and Kearney shortly after the murder.

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