Joan Porco's neurologist testifies

"Potentially, yes," answered Dumbovy.

McDermott reminded jurors that although Dumbovy was Joan Porco's neurologist in Rochester, she was being paid to testify as an expert witness for the defense.

"I am not being paid for this directly," said Dumbovy. "This goes to the organization."

"You were flown on a private plane here for your testimony," stated McDermott.

Dumbovy said she was but only because of time constraints due to work.

Shanks added that there is no information to show Mrs. Porco has any recollection of the attacks.

Also on Monday, Stephan Meyers, of Meyers Funeral Home in Delmar, told jurors he spotted two cars traveling very fast near the vicinity of 36 Brockley Drive when he drove home from work early Monday morning on Nov. 15, 2004, after finishing his part-time job at Albany Airport.

"I saw two cars coming at me near the corner of Charles Boulevard and Orchard," said Meyers. "One was a light blue silver Sedan, and if I didn't get out of his way I would be hit."

Authorities believe the attacks on Peter and Joan Porco occurred between the hours of 2:14 a.m. and 4:54 a.m. that same morning. Meyers said he saw the cars around 2 a.m. leaving that area and told Bethlehem police about it the next day, but they did not follow the potential lead.

"These two cars were coming at you," asked defense attorney Terence Kindlon.

"Right on my bumper," stated Meyers. Meyers said he went to bed and didn't think anything of the situation until he heard all the sirens near Brockley Drive the next morning and walked over to see what had happened.

"I went down to the police station to tell them what I saw," Meyers said.

"They marked it down, and that was the last I heard."

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