Joan Porco attorney, family friend testifies

Polster said one of the reasons for the scheduling problem is the lack of trust Joan Porco has with the District Attorney's office, and her belief that the police who have investigated the crime are targeting her son Christopher as their only suspect.

"You said there were many false allegations made to her family," said Rossi.

"I was referring to claims they (the Porco family) were dysfunctional," Polster said.

"Did you ever hear anyone from the district attorney's office report that the Porco family was dysfunctional?" Rossi asked.

Polster said he had not. Rossi said Joan Porco would not meet with the DA's office unless all the information and evidence was presented to her first, said Rossi.

Earlier in the day, attorney Richard Hanft testified about a death threat that he and Peter Porco had received several years ago while working in Albany County Family Court. The death threat, which was taped by another attorney, was made against Hanft, Porco, and then-Family Court judge and now Appellate Judge Anthony Cardona by Patrick Delucia.

Delucia was embroiled in a bitter custody battle with his wife, and Porco served as law guardian for the Delucia children in 1989. When Hanft heard about Peter Porco's murder in November 2004, he contacted the Bethlehem Police Department to try and provide them with facts about the prior death threat on Peter's life.

"I had what I would characterize as a brief conversation," said Hanft.

About four weeks later, a member of State Police contacted Hanft to elicit more information about the threat.

"I had no further direct communication with Bethlehem police," said Hanft. Defense Attorneys Terence Kindlon and Laurie Shanks have tried to prove since the beginning of the trial that police did not follow through on any leads other than those that led to Christopher Porco.

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