Prosecution wraps up case

— Michael McDermott, chief prosecutor in the Christopher Porco murder trial on behalf of Albany County District Attorney's office, said either Christopher Porco is guilty of murder or Christopher Porco is the unluckiest man on the face of the planet.

McDermott began his closing arguments in the Porco murder trial Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 9, following the summations by the defense, saying that after 4,000 pages of transcript, 80 witnesses and 450 pieces of evidence, two questions exist.

"Did Christopher Porco drive back to Delmar in the early morning hours of Nov. 15, 2004 and cause the death of his father Peter Porco and intend to cause the death of his mother?" asked the prosecutor.

McDermott, like Defense Attorney Laurie Shanks, equated Delmar and the town of Bethlehem as a safe community, virtually crime free.

"The Porcos lived a very ordinary, conventional life, worked hard, lived in a nice neighborhood and a few years down the road, looked forward to retirement," he said.

Their house was secured with security alarms and broomsticks wedged between sliding glass doors, but tragedy visited the home on that fateful day.

"The person who broke into the house came in with one and only one purpose, to take their lives in a very brutal and personal way," said McDermott.

McDermott said the case against Christopher Porco began with a nod by his mother Joan telling police who committed the crime as she lay near death.

"All of these people told you unequivocally that Mrs. Porco was conscious, alert, and responding to commands and she was adamant," said McDermott. "There was no mistaking her response when she nodded her head and pointed her fingers to express who had committed the crime."

McDermott said the police were obligated to pursue every lead, and one of the lingering questions after the crime was to try and find out where Christopher Porco had done.

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