Porco guardian, employer final witness

Elaine LaForte, D.V.M., close friend and employer of Christopher Porco, was the last witness to testify for the defense in his murder trial scheduled to conclude on Wednesday, Aug. 9.

LaForte, co-owner with John Kearney, D.V.M., of the Bethlehem Veterinary Hospital in Glenmont, testified that on the day of Peter Porco's murder and the attack on Joan Porco, she and her partner Kearney requested Christopher stay at their home in Glenmont.

I told multiple people I wanted to know when Christopher got into town, said LaForte. "I went to the (Bethlehem) police station and met Officer Charles Rudolph who wanted to talk to me about the case. I just wanted to know when Chris was coming in and that I would wait at the police station until he arrived."

LaForte testified that Christopher has been living with her family since December 2004.

"Christopher lives in our study, which has been transformed into a bedroom," said LaForte.

Joan Porco is also living with LaForte and Kearney and LaForte's two sons, along with the Porco family dog, Barrister.

LaForte's testimony in the Porco murder trial was brief, unlike her lengthy testimony in pre-trial when much of the discussion centered around the late Bethlehem Det. Anthony Arduini and his alleged dislike of Christopher Porco. Information elicited from LaForte by Porco's attorneys in pre-trial revealed that Arduini's two daughters both knew Christopher Porco, and according to Kindlon, both dated Porco. None of that information was allowed in Tuesday by Judge Jeffrey Berry, forcing Defense Attorney Laurie Shanks' questions about the deceased detective to be minimal. LaForte did say that Arduini showed up at the veterinary hospital on the day of the crime, asking many questions about Porco's whereabouts.

"He told me there had been a homicide, and that Peter Porco was dead and Christopher's mother was severely injured," said LaForte. "They wanted some contact information about Christopher, and asked if he was depressed or on drugs."

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