Police, DA's office feel exonerated

— Exoneration for both the Bethlehem police department and the Albany County District Attorney's office came when a guilty plea was handed down by jurors in Orange County Supreme Court against Christopher Porco.

"I had no doubt the truth would be told," said Bethlehem Police Chief Lou Corsi following the verdict.

Porco was convicted on Thursday, Aug. 10 of two counts of murder and attempted murder for the savage attacks on his father and mother, Peter and Joan Porco that took place on Nov. 15, 2004.

"I think a just verdict was reached," said Bethlehem Detective

Christopher Bowdish, who testified that Joan Porco nodded "yes" when asked on the day of the crime if Christopher was her assailant.

"We came to a conclusion there was just no other suspect," Bowdish said.

The local police department received intense scrutiny from the defense team of Terence Kindlon and Laurie Shanks and at times the media and the public. The length of the investigation unnerved many in the Delmar community, and when Judge Jeffrey Berry did not allow a videotaped interrogation of Christopher Porco admitted into the trial, many people felt the case was lost from the very start. However, as the trial began, witness after witness testified they could not locate the whereabouts of Christopher Porco on the night of the crime.

An e-mail between Christopher Porco and his roommate Matt Ambrosio a few weeks after the crime gave police the indication that Porco felt he had outsmarted authorities.

"Did you talk to Bethlehem cops," asked Ambrosio to Porco in the e-mail exchange.

"They are morons," Porco answered back.

"I think he really perceived the Bethlehem police department as some bumbling operation," said Corsi late Thursday afternoon after the jury had reached their verdict.

Kindlon and Shanks contended in many of their arguments that the local authorities had no homicide experience.

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