Mayor: Purchasing probe needed

Dave Bronner, who has been a vocal proponent for charter reform, said the inquiry, which has gotten the attention of not only the comptroller, but also the U.S. Postal Service and the FBI, is a bit much.

"I'm expecting Elliot Ness to walk in here any second now," he said.

Keehn was more blunt: "I don't know what Franck is thinking. I guess he's doing what he feels he needs to do."

Keehn said another commission could be formed as early as the beginning of the year.

Franck said he doubts another commission would be successful, because taxpayers have what he calls "charter fatigue."

Commissioner of Public Works Thomas McTygue said he felt the same way. "This was defeated 2-to-1," McTygue said at the Dec. 5 City Council meeting. "People are tired of it, and it won't pass if you bring it up again."

Meanwhile, Franck has not yet received the invoice for the printing of the guide, and said he doubts he will. He said what he has received, however, is a letter from Charter Review Commission attorney Amanda Hiller threatening a lawsuit if the bill is not paid. In the letter, Hiller decries Franck for not notifying the commission of his intention to investigate the voter guide.

Franck said the commission ceased to exist the day of the election, and noted he stated on record at the Nov. 7 City Council meeting what his actions concerning the mailer would be.

Hiller could not be reached before press time.""

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