No class for V'ville teacher

Gibson said that while the board was not pleased with the circumstances of the situation, the board, as a body, is supportive of how it's being handled.

In September 2003, high school Principal Mark Diefendorf initiated an investigation of Crandall. The focus of the inquiry was an incident of misconduct that took place that same month. The misconduct stemmed from an incident in which Crandall asked a male student: "Who is that hot (sexy) blond you're running with?"

In March 2004, it was reported that Crandall made another inappropriate comment.

According to the report, while collecting information about students, Crandall asked a female ninth grade student where she lived, and when she asked why, Crandall responded something to the effect of: "So I can follow you home and come to your house and murder you in your sleep."

The additional charge that led to Crandall's suspension was his alleged retaliation against two students in 2003 who had filed complaints against him in 2001. Both students said that in 2003, Crandall took retaliatory action that included treating them differently from other students in the class, and questioning or making comments to the students about the prior complaints. Following the initial 2001 complaints, Crandall had been given a directive not to retaliate against the students.

Vice president of the board, C. James Coffin, said he accepts that Crandall must be accepted back in some capacity.

"My position is, I don't want him in the classroom," said Coffin, citing Crandall's record of ignoring prior counseling considering issues of misconduct. "If that's the caliber of the person he is and the employee he is, he's not welcome."

According to the hearing's report, Crandall had been counseled in the past for a variety of reasons.

In 1994, Crandall was counseled for walking out of a conference and in 2001 he was counseled for "slapping students on the bottom."

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