Christopher Porco begins serving 50-year sentence

— According to information from the State Department of Corrections, Porco, like any other prisoner, will be paid an average of $1 a day to afford basic amenities of the commissary. Money for a crime victim fee will be taken from that stipend.

As for supervision, there is one correction officer for every three prisoners in maximum security. There are 19,576 total correction officers in the state for the 63,000-inmate population, a number that is twice the size of the population in the town of Bethlehem.

Friends and family will be able to visit Porco regularly.

"Prisoners begin to receive correspondence usually within a short period of time," said Foglia.

Albany County Sheriff James Campbell said if Porco is anything like he was in Albany County jail, he should be able to acclimate easily.

"He was no problem at all," Campbell said of Porco. "He followed directions and mingled with other inmates."

Berry said during sentencing that the next several years is the time for Porco to right his wrongs against his family and society.

"You have an opportunity in state prison to rehabilitate yourself," said Berry. "You have an opportunity in state prison to do positive things.""

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