Womb woes: Clinics and doctors tackle infertility issues in a variety of ways

Although these procedures have all been successful in creating fetuses, they are not the only options available to couples struggling with infertility.

"There are a number of options available in treatment," said Cella. "Some couples may choose to adopt, be child-free or go with other methods of treatment."

"My motto and guiding principle is that I want to give people the information they need to make the right decisions for themselves," said Grossman. CNY's Web site does list other, non-medical options for its patients.

"Persistence is the key," said Grossman, noting it often takes several cycles of treatment before pregnancy occurs. "There are options available that can help most couples most of the time. Treatment is more successful today than it's been in the past."

Medical treatments are typically tailored to address the patient's age as well as why they might be having difficulties conceiving. Treatments are expensive and insurance coverage is not consistent. Resolve lists New York as one of 15 states that has passed laws requiring that insurance policies cover some level of infertility treatment.

"Overall, having insurance coverage for infertility diagnosis and therapy is a good thing," said Grossman.

He said some companies do require patients to "jump through hoops," which does not always seem to follow the most logical and least aggressive method of treatment. It does increase the number of couples who can consider medical treatment an option; however, coverage does vary from carrier to carrier.

SIDEBAR: Coping with the emotional side of infertility

By JENNIFER FARNSWORTH, Contributing Writer

"Tell your friends you will be back."

That is what my friend's doctor advised her after three years of unsuccessful fertility treatments. The "you" her doctor was referring to was the fun-loving girl whom I shared a room with in college. Treatments had made her a different person, and nothing I could say or do seemed to really ease the fact that she was not having success with conception.

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