Prosecutors present grisly pictures

— Jurors were then shown the first photos of the inside of the Porco home after the attacks. They listened to Hart intently.

"I walked to the garage door and tried to pull it open," Hart said. "The door was locked so I went back to the front porch."

Hart then called his boss, Frank Costello, to tell him there was blood on the doorknob. Hart agreed to step inside. As Costello and Hart spoke through a speaker phone, Hart told him a dog was barking inside. It was the Porco family dog Barrister who was in the basement behind a small gated doorway.

Costello and Hart continued to speak as Hart began to open the front door.

"I opened the door about a foot then went inside the residence," he said. Hart had his gun in one hand and his cell phone in the other talking to Costello.

"When I stepped inside, a bi-fold closet door was on the ground with big red stains on it," Hart said.

Hart looked right and saw Peter Porco's body lying at the base of the stairs.

"He was on his right side, shirt pulled up, eyes locked open and face covered in blood, dark blood," Hart said. He then told Costello that the Porco home "is a crime scene, call the police." Hart approached Peter Porco to see if there were signs of life, but he was dead. The stairs carpet was heaved up as if someone was struggling to get up. Hart then went to the kitchen and saw blood on the sliding glass door, items on the floor, a cordless phone with a red light continuously beeping and the phone charger to the side of the door.

"My boss told me to step outside and wait for police," Hart said.

The first officer who arrived on the scene was Bethlehem police Officer Craig Sleurs.

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