Prosecutors present grisly pictures

— Both officers went into the home and drew their weapons. They combed through the kitchen and the basement and saw Barrister the dog wagging his tail in a friendly manner. There was no sign of struggle downstairs.

A second Bethlehem police officer, Charles Radliff, then arrived and the three quietly went up the inside staircase, stepping over the dead body of Peter Porco at the base of the stairs.

"I noticed that all the doors to the upstairs were closed, and the only light was natural light," Radliff told jurors.

"We searched two rooms, walked down the hallway to the last bedroom (the master bedroom), and walked straight ahead into that bedroom," said Sleurs.

That's when officers saw a person lying lengthwise on the bed and that person was Joan Porco. As officers entered, Joan Porco raised her hand to indicate she was alive.

"I told Det.(Chris) Bowdish there's a second victim and she is still alive and needs EMS," said Sleurs. "I then stepped outside and put police tape around the scene."

Paramedics Kevin Roberts and Jim Regan arrived on scene and were swiftly sent upstairs to try and save Joan Porco's life.

"Joan Porco was laying across the bed with very severe trauma to her face, and was moving her arms and legs a bit," Roberts told the jury.

Paramedics tried to put an oxygen mask on her to assist her labored breathing but could only hold the mask close to her face because her wounds were so severe. They called a regional emergency doctor on call for life-threatening matters so they could give Joan Porco special medication to ease her pain and get her to the hospital. They also performed a quick assessment to see if Porco could understand what was happening.

"I asked her to keep her legs still and she did," Roberts said. "I asked her to keep her arms straight and she did that." They then performed a test to score Porco's eye, verbal, and motor abilities. Though she could barely see out of only one working eye that was covered in blood after the attack, Roberts indicated that she could see and her motor response was good. She could not, however, speak.

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