Toll operators identify Jeep

— "That's correct," Fallon said.

"When the Bethlehem police officer asked me to identify a vehicle that day, I laughed at him," said Fallon, believing he could never remember one vehicle in 3,000 that pass through his toll booth on a given day. "When he showed me a picture of a yellow Jeep Wrangler, I said I recognize that."

Kindlon asked Fallon if he remembered other Jeeps that passed through his tollbooth on Nov. 12 or Nov. 14, and Fallon did not.

"All I remember about the Jeep (on Nov. 14, 2004) is that it was a yellow Jeep Wrangler with big tires on it," said Fallon.

Karen Russell, a 25-year veteran toll collector working the 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. shift at Exit 24 in Albany remembers not only the yellow Jeep but something else about the driver.

"I remember a yellow Jeep that came barreling down my lane with a young man driving with brown hair," said Russell. "The speed he was coming into my lane was excessive." Russell pinpointed the time to be right before her 2 a.m. break that morning on Nov. 15.

Kindlon said Russell told police the yellow Jeep was the last vehicle she saw before her 2 a.m. break; however, a check of all toll tickets collected that night indicate Russell handed out 24 other toll tickets before her break.

"You can confirm it is just not true that a yellow Jeep Wrangler was the last vehicle before your break," Kindlon said.

"I remember seeing a yellow Jeep because of the speed it entered, but I am inaccurate in saying it was my last vehicle like I told Det. (Anthony) Arduini," Russell stated. Arduini was a Bethlehem police officer who recently died.

Earlier in the day, Thruway Authority Toll Supervisor James Buono and Thruway Authority Senior Accountant Craig W. Slezak were asked about the process of handling and separating the specific number of toll tickets that match the time frame of Nov. 14 and Nov. 15, 2004 when all vehicles on the Thruway that night left Rochester to go to Albany and back. Both men said they were in the same room together wearing latex gloves when they sifted through the hundreds of tickets to find a total of 12 tickets that traveled from Exit 46 to Exit 24 and back between midnight and 3 a.m. and between 5 and 10 a.m.

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