Board explores revenue options

The Guilderland board of education received a report on alternative revenue sources at its June 20 meeting.

The first half of the report, drafted by a committee formed by the board to explore alternative and non-traditional revenue sources, listed findings concerning corporate sponsorships, vendor contracts and pouring rights.

The second half of the report focused on the formation of a foundation in Guilderland as, according to the report, a vehicle to supplement the operating budget of the school district for projects and programs to enhance the opportunities available to current and future students.

The report states that support of the foundation has been a consensus. Discussion has centered on the concepts of a school foundation or a community foundation.

A school foundation would have clear and formal ties with the school district and the activities of such a foundation would be only to benefit the district's programs and students.

A community foundation would benefit the community of Guilderland as a whole, in particular the school district.

"(A community foundation) would reach out to a broader range of people to request sup-port," said Don Csaposs, who penned the section of the report supporting a community foundation. "It would provide funding for a range of factors other than the school district."

According to Csaposs, a community foundation would enable people to pool resources, which would be redistributed to the community based on need.

"It provides more financially significant grant support," he said.

A town foundation, said Csaposs, may provide more incentive for those who would be unwilling to donate their money to only one charity or benefactor, such as the school district.

"What would be the motivation to contribute to the school foundation?" said Csaposs of those who may not have students or an interest in the district. "There's a lot of people who it's just not going to float their boat."

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