Renovation reveals archive

A time capsule that is believed to be from the 1950s was discovered in the cornerstone of the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School recently.

The time capsule was found while construction workers were renovating the entrance to the high school.

This is an exciting opportunity to get a glimpse of the community's culture during the 1950s, said Superintendent Jim Schultz.

Schultz said it is believed the time capsule contains papers from around the time the school was built in 1955.

The box is made of copper and is soldered shut. Schultz said he is talking with an archivist from the state museum to see how best to open the box.

Plans to open the time capsule are still being made, but Schultz said he wants to hold a ceremony including students so the box may not be opened until the start of the school year. Schultz said he might want to include alumni from the class of 1955.

"We want to celebrate what's inside and give our kids the opportunity to return something," Schultz said. "This is a way to reaffirm the values we hold including a respect for the past as well as an excitement for the future."

For sale: a parcel of land on Swaggertown Road

The Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake school district is looking to sell a parcel of land on Swaggertown Road.

Schultz said the property is in the southern part of the school district where growth is minimal.

"We are currently looking at our long-term strategic plan for the district. This property isn't a resource that we will need in the future," Schultz said.

With Advance Micro Devices planning a move to Malta, Schultz said most of the district's growth will be to the north.

The property is 26 acres east of Swaggertown Road and south of Onderdonk Road. The property is also very close to the former Glenhaven Elementary School that is now the Hostetter Building and used for district offices.

Schultz said the district is committed to using a portion of the sale of this property to balance this year's school budget. The rest of the money is planned to be used as a rainy day fund to balance future budgets.

Schultz said the district might conduct an investigation into possible land acquisitions in the north. ""

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