Judge continues to weigh evidence; roommate's IM shows loyalty

"He mentioned he hadn't contacted them (Porco's parents) in a couple of weeks, and he tried to contact them on their house, work and cell phones," Ambrosio said.

A three-page long computer instant message between Ambrosio and Porco two weeks after the crime was read aloud to the jury. In the message, Ambrosio offered to help Porco, and the two discuss his mother Joan's condition, and the Bethlehem police department, which interrogated Porco and questioned Ambrosio about his knowledge of Porco's activities prior to the crimes.

"I'm sorry you had to deal with that whole cop thing," wrote Porco to his friend, using the computer screen name of jeffsalosa.

"They are lying idiot b..ards," said Porco.

"Hey man, I'd do anything for you," said Ambrosio under the alias Pygmyhippo.

"Does it look like you're gonna have to go to court?" asked Ambrosio

"Hopefully soon, the cops are going to talk to my mom, and as soon as she says it wasn't me, it should be over,.but they are doing their best to put it all on me," Porco said.

The two continued their chat.

"Did you talk to Bethlehem cops or Rochester?" asked Porco

"Bethlehem," said Ambrosio.

"They are morons," said Porco.

"Dude, please just tell me you were somewhere Sunday night into Monday morning, I don't care where, just tell me you are going to be fine," asked Ambrosio.

"I'll be fine, dude, I was on the hall (Munro Hall Dormitory, University of Rochester)," Porco said. "The cops know that."

Several students from the University of Rochester testified Tuesday and Wednesday, July 18 and 19, that they never saw Christopher Porco at Munro Hall during the overnight hours of Nov. 14 and 15, 2004. The instant message text between Ambrosio and Porco concluded shortly after that point.

"Best wishes to your mom," said Ambrosio.

"Later, bro," said Porco. "Say hey to people for me when you get back."

"I love you all."

"I love you too," said Ambrosio

"Bye man," Porco signed off.

There is no mention of Porco's murdered father Peter in the entire text.

Christopher Porco is charged with murder and attempted murder of his parents Peter and Joan Porco who were attacked in the middle of the night in the bedroom by someone wielding an ax and striking the two between 10 and 30 times. Porco could face life in prison if convicted.


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