Johnathan testifies; Porco brothers don't make eye contact

Johnathan Porco also told jurors that relations are now strained between him and Christopher, but did not elaborate. Defense Attorney Laurie Shanks said outside the courthouse that police are to blame for the family split.

"They have played one family member against the other," said Shanks. "I think it is understandable that everyone is under a tremendous amount of stress."

On Monday, Johnathan never looked at Christopher while testifying on the witness stand.

"I think the jury found out the relationship is strained," said Chief Prosecutor Michael McDermott. "Johnathan Porco is a very private person, and I think what he believes in his heart he wishes to remain private."

Joan Porco is on the witness list of both the prosecution and the defense, but has yet to testify. She has publicly stated her son would never commit the crime though she has no recollection of that night. Jurors heard Johnathan Porco fondly describe his father Peter Porco.

"Dad was a hard-working guy who loved the law, and he was a good father," Johnathan Porco said.

The defense introduced a new development in the beginning of the trial's fifth week, a shadowy figure that Joan Porco believes she saw two weeks prior to the crime outside her Delmar home. Joan Porco told police through a family friend that the motion sensor lights outside the Brockley Drive home went off when the stranger was visible in the driveway. Shanks said Bethlehem police, including lead Det. Christopher Bowdish, were aware of this matter but never bothered to investigate it.

"We just want to show what Det. Bowdish did or didn't do," said Shanks after the jury was out of the courtroom.

"The police absolutely refused to follow any leads," she added.

McDermott said over 200 neighbors in the vicinity of 36 Brockley Drive were interviewed after the crimes, and the defense allegations of shoddy police work are preposterous.

"This is completely irrelevant," said McDermott. "It is not a defense claim that a police investigation was sloppy."

Bowdish is an important witness for the prosecution. Not only was he the lead investigator in the Porco murder case for the Bethlehem police department, he was also one of the first officers on the scene at Brockley Drive in November 2004. He is expected to testify that Joan Porco nodded "yes," her son Christopher committed the crimes against her and Peter Porco when she was lying near death and couldn't speak from injuries sustained in the attack.


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