Breeds of a different color

This hilarious performance, sponsored by Quandt's Quality Food Products, features live pigs racing around a small track.

Wayne Rosaire owns the pigs and the company. He and his family usually spend 10 months a year traveling across the county with his pig-racing show, per-forming at county and state fairs, private parties and functions. Rosaire's 15-year-old daughter Pamela was with him at the fair.

Rosaire picks children scream-ing enthusiastically out of the audience to be a "pig rooter," and if the pig the child has chose wins, the lucky rooter wins a prize.

Each pig has its own name, such as Paris Swilton, and Snoop Hoggie Hog.

"A lot of the names come from the audience," Rosaire said.

All four racing heats feature a different sort of pig that race around the track one time. The show's headliners are the 280-pound Asian potbelly pigs, including "Tyrone the Terrible." They waddle around the track in search of food until one of them happens across the finish line.

Usually five pigs race at a time, but unfortunately one of the potbelly pigs was injured. Rosaire said he pulled a hamstring, but not to worry, nothing a little "oinkment" couldn't fix. ""

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