Pathologist establishes time of Peter Porco's death

— Chief Prosecutor Michael McDermott said Shanks' theory did nothing more than perplex jurors.

"I completely disagree with their position, and I think jurors were totally confused by it," said McDermott.

Hubbard also detailed 10 grisly autopsy photos of the murder victim as jurors and courtroom observers looked on. The pictures of the deceased Peter Porco showed vicious ax wounds to his skull, face, jaw, under both arms and various lacerations on his hand and forearm.

"Dr. Hubbard, can you tell me whether or not the ax depicted is capable of producing these wounds on the body of Peter Porco?" Shanks asked.

"All of the wounds are consistent with having been created by this weapon," said Hubbard.

One wound from the ax attack was so severe it created a 1-inch slice from the skull to the brain. The autopsy photos were viewed on a large wall-sized screen just above where the defendant Christopher Porco sits. Friends and family members of Peter Porco, including his sister Patty

Szostak, and Julia Cannizzaro, who worked with Peter Porco as a confidential secretary in the Third Appellate District Court in Albany were visibly shaken by the photos.

Earlier in the day, Janet Hoin from the state Division of Criminal Justice Services testified as an expert witness in the field of latent fingerprints. Hoin said one of the fingerprints in the basement of 36 Brockley Drive lifted from the scene of the crime on Nov. 15, 2004 matched the left-hand pinky finger of Christopher Porco, who is on trial for murdering his father and attempting to murder his mother.

"Does the known fingerprint of Christopher Porco match the latent fingerprint on the basement door?" asked McDermott.

"Yes," said Hoin.

McDermott said the 36 Brockley Drive home was kept in immaculate condition, and he believes the print of Christopher Porco was made the night of the crime.

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