Ballston can build big

Lambert said she was happy to see that the board was in favor of changing the zoning regulations. She also said that many of the people opposed to the change don't know everything surrounding the issue.

"People who only show up for the meetings don't understand the rationale," she said. "They come without knowing the full facts."

Many in the town were disappointed with the town board, saying they didn't fairly represent the town's opinions on development.

"They said they were basing the changes on their own experience," said Wood. "What about what the public wants? They're basically saying that [their] five opinions supercede what the town wants."

But Callanan said that the town was what the council was thinking of all along.

"We've tried to be objective and do what's best for the town of Ballston," said Callanan. "This is a lot more than big-box development."

Callanan said that he's glad the new comprehensive plan is in place, adding, "it's a document that needs fine tuning as we go along. I'm glad the first part of the process is over."

Hynes said that the planning board and town board would have to be firm with what the town wants for development in the town, making sure they get what's best for Ballston.

"Once development comes in, it's there. It's not unreasonable to want them (builders) to comply with certain standards," said Hynes.""

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