Change of venue still pending

— Kindlon believes his client's rights were violated when Porco was not orally read his Miranda Rights, but instead initialed a statement prior to questioning that advised him of his rights.

Porco is currently out on bail and living with Elaine LaForte and her family in Glenmont. Porco is an employee of Bethlehem Veterinary Hospital owned by LaForte. Prosecutors believe Christopher Porco committed the crimes against his family because he was having financial problems while attending the University of Rochester where he dropped out in 2003 but re-enrolled in 2004. E-mails between Porco and his mother and father prior to the attacks show a very strained relationship. The e-mails made public in other media reports reveal that Christopher Porco was forging his father's name on loan documents and was delinquent on both his college tuition and car payments on his yellow Jeep Wrangler. It is the Jeep Wrangler that prosecutors believe Porco used to drive from the murder scene on Brockley Drive back to the University of Rochester undetected before police arrived on the crime scene the next morning. The Brockley Drive home was also the scene of two prior burglaries in 2002 and 2003, when computers, and other electronic equipment were stolen, but no arrests were made. After extensive legwork by police and prosecutors, they believe the items stolen from the prior burglaries on Brockley Drive were sold on e-bay, a large online, Internet auction house, and sold by Christopher Porco by using his e-bay online account. Although police took articles of clothing from Christopher Porco the night he was questioned along with fingerprinting him, there is little forensic evidence connecting Christopher Porco to the crime scene. The trial is expected to begin in a matter of weeks."

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