Shen redraws district map

Robinson said this addition will hold for the next three years, but future growth is still projected.

"We can't say at a certain point we won't be accepting any more kids," he said. "That's not an option."

Driving the students

Transportation had a huge impact on the way the boundaries were drawn. The board will have to finalize bus routes for the new school, and make sure the routes are not redundant, having kids on a bus that drives by another school.

"On any given day we have 198-plus buses that drive some 2 million miles a year. It's a big deal to taxpayers, it's a big deal to the board, it's a big deal to everyone," Robinson said.

Staffing concerns

Much of the audience Tuesday night had questions about the redistricting pertaining to staffing and transitioning to new schools. Robinson said the current staff will have an opportunity to submit a request for a transfer, and a lottery drawing will follow. He said Shatekon's staff will be almost all current personnel and the board would try and balance the staff evenly with both new and veteran teachers. The new principal will be posted on the district's Web site, shenet.org, this summer and will start in January 2007.

The board plans to develop a transition plan to ease the change for reassigned students, es-pecially for fifth graders. The new boundaries will primarily impact the fifth grade students who will have to leave their old school for their last year before heading off to middle school. Many parents had concerns on how this would affect their children. James Grande, who served on the board during the 1994-95 redistricting plan, suggested the board investigate the possibility of offering fifth-grade students the chance to stay in their own schools for their last year.

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