Day Two: Porco stay calm during six hours of questioning

A second day of pre-trial hearings in the case of Christopher Porco revealed a glimpse of the hours of questioning by the Bethlehem Police Department and Porco's calm demeanor throughout. Porcos' over six and a half hours of questioning by Bethlehem Police was videotaped the night he was brought in to the station and the tapepresented as evidence in the hearing by the Albany County District Attorney's office.

Porco is on trial for the murder of his father Peter Porco and the critical wounding of his mother Joan. Bethlehem Police escorted Porco from Albany Medical Center Hospital around 8 p.m. on Nov. 15, 2004, the night his mother was undergoing emergency treatment for ax wounds authorities believe her son inflicted the night before. During the six-and-one-half hours of questions, police played a game of cat and mouse trying to elicit information from Porco that might link him to the crime.

"I'm convinced you did it," said Bethlehem Police Det. Charles Rudolph the night he questioned Porco.

"Was that a lie or the truth?" asked one of Porco's attorneys, Laurie Shanks as he sat on the witness stand.

"That was a lie," said Rudolph. "I wanted to see if he had a reaction."

"Did you directly accuse him of the murder?" asked Shanks.

"Yes," said Rudolph.

"More than once?" asked Shanks.

"I'm not sure," Rudolph said.

Police then repeatedly prodded Porco to take a polygraph test to prove his innocence.

"Do I have to have a lawyer present for that?" Porco asked. "I want a lawyer present for that, because I'm not sure I'm being treated fairly."

Bethlehem Police Detective Chris Bowdish continued to urge Porco to take a lie detector test.

"I want you to take it just to eliminate you, please," said Bowdish.

"I'll talk to a lawyer about it and make a decision," said Porco. "I don't have anything to hide."

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