Day Two: Porco stay calm during six hours of questioning

Police continued to push Porco during that night to the point where he denied any wrongdoing in the murder. State Police Investigator Roger Williams then entered the squad room where Porco is seated and continues to pepper Porco to take the polygraph.

"I was nowhere near my house and the bottom line is I would never do this, never," said Porco. (The videotape continues.)

"Phone wires on a pole in the back of your house were cut and there were fingerprints on that pole," said Bowdish to Porco. "Who do you think would do something like that?"

"I have no idea," Porco said.

"You realize this is not a robbery, but a crime of emotions," Bowdish told Porco.

"I don't know how I could kill someone when I was that far away," said Porco.

At this point in the hearing, that Joan Porco, sitting inside the courtroom listening to every detail looked concerned and began to shake her head.

State Police Investigator Williams' continues to question Porco and after several hours of questioning, he asks why Porco would put his family through the ordeal of a trial and have them suffer.

"If I had done it and you came to me and said we had all this s*, then I would get a lawyer," said Porco.

Meanwhile, a close family friend of the Porcos, attorney John Polster, took the stand and said he did indeed have an attorney/client relationship with Christopher Porco the night he spoke with him at the hospital before police arrived to escort Porco away for questions.

"I said Chris wanted me to represent him and not to question him until I get there," said Polster. Polster followed police to the Bethlehem police station and waited several hours for detectives to allow him in to see Porco while he was being questioned.

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