Luther Forest holds hearing

The planning board unanimously gave the project pre-liminary approval but attached a number of conditions to that approval. The board asked the developer to make sure the new roadway would be consistent with the existing roads by being 26 feet in width. They also asked that the storm water management plan be reviewed by Malta Highway Superintendent Tom Adriance. Other conditions include seeking the input of the Round Lake Fire Department regarding the radius of the cul-de-sac and how that would impact their ladder truck's ability to maneuver in there. A construction access and construction management plan must be submitted that details signage, hours of operation, and other details.

Additionally, the board asked that Ingersol bring back a letter from the state Department of Environmental Conservation confirming that all lands in the residential area are no longer affected by the Fisher Act. Ingersol will also be required to identify areas of encroachment on their property and submit plans for their resolution. Ingersol said there are four or five cases of adjacent property owners who are encroaching on the LFTC property. Several have built sheds, one owner has a pool that sits too close to the property line, and others are just mowing areas that belong to LFTC.

The board also recommended changing the setbacks listed in the PDD legislation. They suggest using a 35-foot setback for homes and a 45-foot setback for garages. The setback issue will ultimately be the town board's decision to make as it is the only entity that can change or amend PDD legislation which calls for 50-foot front yard setbacks, 15-foot side setbacks, and a rear setback of 30 feet. .

Ingersol began his second presentation by telling the crowd, "I'm not here to talk about roads or power lines."

Tuesday's presentation on the Stonebreak Road Corridor and subsequent public hearing was strictly related to the LFTC's desire to subdivide several pieces of property so that they make take ownership and utilize most of the pieces for the construction of the Stonebreak Road access road as well as provide easements for utilities.

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