Fab in the Forest

"Our job will be to educate ourselves to the cutting-edge science involved in nanotechnology," Malta planning board chairman Peter Klotz said. "We need to be educated to ensure that this project complies with the GEIS (Generic Environmental Impact Statement), the legislation, and that it protects the health and safety of the citizens of Malta."

The GEIS will create the specific zoning legislation for the project and address potential impacts on the community. The town will review the site plan before its issues building permits to begin construction.

The review would include LFTC's internal roadways, utilities and structures. They do not need to be submitted at the same time.

"A normal subdivision could take two to three months to move through the site review process," Town Planner John Zepko said. "Something like this would be much more extended than that."

Zepko said no plans are currently under review by the town for the LFTC main site, but two subdivisions are under review related to the Stonebreak and Souther access roads.

"Our internal road structure plan is almost complete and we will be filing that soon," Kelley said. "We were pretty close to our original estimates as far as the road paths."

SEDC submitted plans to the town of Stillwater planning board for a sewer line on Cold Springs Road to connect the site to the Saratoga County sewer district. The plan is scheduled for review next month. The town of Halfmoon has approved a portion of the same sewer line in its town by Coons Road.

Malta will have to enlist more help to handle a project of this size and scope.

"We are not sure what to expect. With a $1 billion construction project on the table, it is beyond the scope of our local staff. We will need specialized outside help," Sausville said. "Our local building inspector is not set up for a project of this magnitude."

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