Sewer rates to double

By law, if Zalewski abandons the company, Colonial Green will

become the responsibility of the town.

Halfmoon Supervisor Kenneth DeCerce said, "The town does not want to be in the sewage business."

Colonial Green is privately held and not installed to current standards. If the town were to take over the sewer system, it would try to hand it over to Saratoga County quickly. In order to do that the system would have to be upgraded to Saratoga County standards. Councilman James Bold said that would require a substantial capital investment, which would cost residents, much more than what Zalewski was requesting.

Some residents were concerned about Zalewski's business plan. Zalewski gave no indication that he would be repairing the system by Saratoga County standards, or if the extra money would even fix the problems.

Councilwoman Regina Parker said, "I don't think you have a very good business plan, and until you put it down right, I don't think that you can ask for 100 percent increase."

Bold said Zalewski had a short-term plan that made the current business into a viable one and did not result in a long-range sewer system. But, he said he did not see any other way to go.

"I don't see a reasonable way to avoid this, and if there is I'd like to know it," he said.

DeCerce asked Zalewski what he would do if the increase were not approved, and he said the maintenance projects would have to wait until the funds came in.

"I'm a fighter. I've been in this business for 20 years. I don't let things go this easily," he said.

The increase was approved 3-1, with Parker dissenting. ""

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