Jury seated; Porco trial begins

The eight women and four men seated as jurors during opening day arguments in the murder trial of Christopher Porco were, in Defense Attorney Terence Kindlon's own words, riveted as they listened to Assistant District Attorney Michael McDermott present the people's case against Christopher Porco.

"The man you see before you entered his childhood home while his parents were in bed asleep, and repeatedly struck them with an ax, splitting his father's skull open 12 times, then splitting his mother's skull and then left them for dead," said McDermott.

"How could this happen, why did this happen?" asked McDermott.

"Those are the questions we will be spending the next several weeks proving."

Kindlon said the murder of Delmar residents Peter Porco and attempted murder of Joan Porco is shocking and horrific, brutal and probably sadistic.

"We do, however, tell you that our client Christopher Porco is not guilty of this horrible crime. There is not a shred of evidence to connect Christopher Porco to this crime, nothing, nothing, nothing," Kindlon stressed.

Albany County's chief prosecutor handling the case continued with his statement as the friends and family of Christopher Porco looked on, as did McDermott's boss, Albany County District Attorney David Soares, seated inside the Orange County Courtroom where the trial is being held.

"Christopher Porco was a very popular young man but a terrible student," said McDermott. "Ten months prior to the crimes, the University of Rochester told him to take a year off to get his head together." McDermott then laid out a scenario alleging that Christopher Porco began a series of lies, which continued to build. The lies included forging school transcripts, lying to his parents about why he left the University, lying to school officials about tuition payments, lying to his parents about his personal finances and forging his father's name on two separate loan applications totaling $48,000, then telling his parents he was receiving a semester of tuition free.

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