Jury seated; Porco trial begins

"Christopher Porco was living on borrowed time, ladies and gentlemen," McDermott said. "How long did he think he could go before Peter Porco would wake up and see what is going on?"

McDermott said the lies continued until 10 days prior to the attacks when a flurry of e-mails exchanged between Christopher and his parents.

"You can see the e-mails back and forth like a crescendo, building, mounting, the pressure all coming to a head," said McDermott. McDermott said the e-mails indicated that Peter Porco was going to file forgery affidavits against his son Christopher, and both Peter and Joan Porco sensed their son was having a mental breakdown and demanded he come back home.

"Deception, deceit, a house of cards begins to crash in November of 2004," said McDermott.

Kindlon, on the other hand, said McDermott's accusations and the year of work leading up to Porco's arrest amounts to "60 boxes of nothing, and six tons of wishful thinking."

"Christopher Porco has no history of violence at all," said Kindlon. "We're supposed to believe suddenly on Nov. 15, 2004, a big Frankenstein monster switch got thrown into his head and he became a homicidal maniac striking his parents with an ax."

Kindlon indicated to the jury the Bethlehem police department, which investigated the crime, is a small staff used to DWIs and telling teenage skateboarders to stop skating near the church, but not experienced homicide detectives.

"Their detective unit has four detectives and no homicide squad," said Kindlon. "There have only been three homicides in the town of Bethlehem in the past 30 years. They are not the FBI or Scotland Yard."

Porco, according to Kindlon, "is one of those guys everybody knows."

"He makes a lot of good decisions, he makes a lot of bad decisions, but everyone who knows him likes him," Kindlon said.

Christopher's mother, Joan Porco, will be called to the witness stand by both the defense and prosecution during the trial.

"She knows Christopher better than anyone, and she knows he is incapable of the kind of violence inflicted on her beloved husband and herself," Kindlon said.


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