Bulk metal pick-up wraps up

"For the most part everyone cooperated pretty well," said Eldridge, operations manager for county waste. "A lot of scavengers were running around taking the metals."

That's typical, he said.

There is value in the collected metals. As part of the agreement, county waste put its fleet of trucks and employees to work as the town got the word out to residents about the collection schedule. The reward for county waste is the recyclable value of the metals.

Sorting of the metals was done on site, said Eldridge. Metal without value was separated and disposed of. All other metals were sent off to local scrap dealers.

Any items that could be potentially hazardous to the environment, items such as refrigerators or air conditioners containing Freon, were handled by town staff. They were taken to a highway department site at Wade and Old Niskayuna roads.

"It looked like a refrigerator graveyard," said Stockbridge.

The site offered the ideal square footage to store anywhere from 50 to 60 of the defunct appliances at a time, he said. Once enough appliances were on site, the Freon was extracted, and the scrap units recycled.

In the next few weeks, the town will be sitting down with county waste as they go over the figures of the collection program to see if it was a financial success. If they determine it is a win-win program for both, it will most likely continue annually, said Stockbridge.

Although there remains a few bugs in the system that need to be worked out, town officials are confident that the program was a remarkable success and will go forward.""

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