Public hears town hamlet plan

Another aspect of the project is making some of the roadways safer for both motorists and pedestrians.

Ideas include adding additional turning lanes at certain intersections, using raised medians and the consideration of a roundabout at the intersection of routes 146 and 20.

One area in particular that Buser mentioned was the "pretty dangerous intersection" of Willow Street and Route 20.

"There are some opportunities to make that intersection safer," said Buser. The plan recommends this be done through turning lanes and a realignment.

At the public workshop, Buser said there was a lot of discussion on the Willow Street part of the plan, including the issue of adding sidewalks on one side of Willow Street.

"One of the questions was, 'It's so narrow there, would people want to lose more of their lawn for sidewalks?'" said Buser.

Another concern in the area is the flooding some people have when it rains heavily.

Buser said that although the hamlet plan doesn't address flooding concerns specifically, there are additions that can be incorporated into the plan to alleviate some of those concerns.

"One of the opportunities is if the project is to put in sidewalks, there could be stormwater drains added," said Buser.

According to Buser, the overall recommendations of the plan focused on general land use issues and creating a network to connect resources and destinations.

"It's a comprehensive system of green infrastructure " maybe it's farms, maybe it's a town park or maybe it's a stream," he said, adding, "So people don't necessarily have to drive everywhere."

The next step, said Buser, is addressing the input received from the community at all of the public workshops. The plan will eventually be finalized and presented to the town board for consideration.""

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