Guten Morgen

Good morning everyone!

My family and I are doing well in Warzburg and we are very happy and fortunate to be back together again. Bavaria's weather is much like Upstate, New York's with the leaves changing color (though not as bright) and the temps usually in the 30s to 50s F this time of year.

Warzburg is a great city on the river Main, in Northern Bavaria. Germany used to be a collection of 16 provinces or states (or kingdoms), Bavaria being one. It was not until the 1870s that Germany became a federal republic. Warzburg has a neat history and much of the history is preserved although the allies just about leveled the city by bombing raids at the close of WWII (the city was bombed only once in WWII in a raid that although it lasted only 20 minutes devastated 87% of the city!). Warzburg was first used as a fortification by Celts, the city was the site of the martyrdom of Saint Kilian, a Catholic missionary, in 689. There remains a strong but subtle Catholic influence around the town and much of Bavaria.

As of us, Kristen is doing great adjusting to living on an Army post. She has mastered the art of driving a manual transmission vehicle and now her German is as good as her fluent French. Grace is doing great in Kindergarten and is starting to read while Liam is growing very quickly and is keeping pace with his big sister! While they miss home, they are enjoying experiencing Germany and making new friends.

Work continues to go well for me. It is nice being back in a \Western country and having greenery and a change of weather. Work has kept me busy with a good case load ... I remain in Trial Defense Service and am defending soldiers accused of violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Fortunately, this assignment has helped me hone my trial and litigation shills, though it can be very long hours and clients can be really cooperative or not at all.

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