Young rider cleans up on dirt track

"They don't fly like the big guys do, but they've got hundreds of dollars worth of gear on them to keep them safe," said Bill.

Still, it's enough to give Kyle's parents some anxious moments when he's competing. As Kyle was getting ready for his first heat Sunday, his mother Jennifer walked up to the lower level of seats at Pepsi Arena.

"I haven't eaten yet today," she said. "I start getting nervous right about now. I'm fine once he gets on the course."

"I get more nervous than he does when he goes out there," Bill said.

Kyle had no trouble navigating the Pepsi Arena course in his first heat. He got off to a good start and finished second with ease. But, Kyle ran into trouble in his second heat when a rider fell in front of him on the last lap, and he wound up crashing into the fallen bike. Kyle was fine, but the fall knocked him from second to eighth place and out of a berth in next year's national competition.

Still, the effort Kyle had at the Albany motocross event may be a sign of things to come. He already has a training track at his house near Sycamore Country Club, as well as a family willing to support his racing career.

"Basically the reason why we built our house where it is, it sits on 70 acres of land," said Bill. "We have a track, and now we've got a bunch of dirt that we can use to upgrade it in the springtime."

Kyle may want to watch his back, though. His 1-year-old sister Eve is already catching the riding bug.

"We just got her one of those battery-operated four-wheelers, and she sits on it and really goes," said Bill.""

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