Board faces enrollment options

"I share Ben's concerns in that redistricting may still put us in a position of moving students to fill gaps," said Anhert.

Anhert said he feels most parents would choose to live with a larger class size rather than switch from school to school.

Board member Pam Carbone said she thinks that changing schools is often harder on the parents than the students.

"I remember my son having to switch schools after second grade, but he made new friends, and we got through it," said Carbone.

Resident Colleen Beneditto said she hopes that the board takes into consideration the effect of redistricting on families with several children in school.

"Please take into account siblings. It makes it very difficult to have several children close in age attending different schools, taking different buses," said Beneditto.

According to Swartz, about 90 students are not in their home schools.

In the past, when students are reassigned and a space becomes available, they are invited back to their home school. If they choose to stay at the reassigned school, they are considered to be on "special permission," a practice Swartz said she hopes to eliminate.

"When students are on special permission, it makes it very difficult to account for their proper placement year after year," said Swartz.

Swartz also recommended that the board develop a policy for daycare transportation, centralizing registration, implementing a yearly census, and addressing any anticipated 2007-2008 "bubbles" in enrollment.""

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