Planners look at open space

"The planning board cannot look at this project in a bubble," she said.

The planning board opted to recommend disapproval of this amendment calling the connection a "significant countywide intercommunity benefit that should be established as part of this project."

While the planning board only offered comments on these items, the board listed a condition related to amendment No. 2 dealing with the water source for the first chip fab plant. The amendment calls for the initial water source be expanded to more accurately describe residential use for Pod 10, but also to identify Saratoga Water Services or another town-approved source to provide water for the construction, initial start up and as back up for the first fab. The Hudson River will continue to be the primary source of water but Lemery said, "The water line is not going to be completed by the time the company wants to start construction."

"I do have a problem with fab one online without that water source," said planning board member Bill Smith. While all board members agreed that the town would need to consider what might happen to the residential units currently using that service, it was also noted that at the time of site plan approval the applicant would need to demonstrate its ability to get the necessary water, either through the county water line or through the existing service prior to approval for building the chip fab.

The board listed as a condition for the town board's review that when the Hudson River water source becomes available the first fab will begin using that as the primary water source and emergency connections between the Hudson River water source and the Saratoga Water Service will be made.

The town board should have the planning board recommendations in time for its December meeting, and will likely schedule a public hearing/workshop for sometime in January. ""

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