City sued for discrimination

"I'm curious how this information got out there," Bill McTygue said. "Obviously this was meant to stir up a problem for our department. This kind of material doesn't get out there on its own."

But Keehn said the information did not come from her office. "The DPW ought to be more concerned about how they're going to handle the case and what their practices are. There was no leak. I don't think this is confidential information. A case has been brought against the city.

"Who's trying to hide that from the taxpayers?"

She said taxpayers have a right to know when complaints are filed against the city, because taxpayers must pay the legal fees needed to defend such cases. Each city commissioner and several departments within City Hall had been given copies of the information packet that was anonymously given to the press, Keehn said.

The city has retained an outside attorney, John Aspland of Glens Falls, to handle the matter. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has slated an Oct. 16 hearing in Utica for both sides to present their cases, although Aspland said the date might be pushed back because of scheduling conflicts.

In November 2004, the city agreed to a $100,000 settlement with a black Saratoga Springs resident who was passed over for a firefighter job despite recording a perfect score on a Civil Service exam. Five others who had lower scores were given jobs ahead of him in March 2003.

Taxpayers footed $90,000 of the settlement's cost.

This is the latest in a string of complaints the DPW and Public Works Commissioner Thomas McTygue have been in the middle of in recent weeks. Last week, Saratoga Springs resident David Bronner filed complaints with the governor's office seeking to have Thomas McTygue removed from office for allegedly living outside the city. Bronner said McTygue is violating the Public Officer's Law, which requires elected officials to live in the community in which they serve. McTygue owns property at 175 Clinton St. in Saratoga Springs, but he resides at a farm near Fish Creek in the town of Saratoga.

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