State money goes to Glenville PCB cleanup

Seven years later, the property was considered for commercial development.

A consultant for Touhey Associates, which was acting as a volunteer, dug test pits and took soil samples to test for possible contaminants.

Results indicated PCBs were present in subsurface soils at concentrations in excess of 100 parts per million, ending those plans for commercial development.

DEC contractors performed an immediate investigation in June 1996; they dug additional test pits and installed several groundwater monitoring wells.

"PCBs were detected in surface soils at several locations at concentrations up to 33 parts per million," O'Connell said. "Subsurface soils were also found to be contaminated with PCBs in concentrations up to 980 parts per million.

Groundwater was found to contain levels of PCBs, dichloroethene, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes, and several semi-volatile organic compounds at concentrations in excess of state standards. At least one monitoring well encountered a non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL)."

NAPLs are a floating petroleum-based products that are separated from the groundwater by the treatment system and disposed of off-site.

O'Connell said the property was placed back on the registry in December 2006 as a Class 2 site. In addition, four nearby residential wells were sampled to assess whether the contamination had spread. None of the samples indicated site-related contamination, she said.

DEC recently awarded a $16 million remediation project to D.A. Collins Environmental Services to remove the contaminated soil from the Glenville property, thermally treat it, and replace it as clean backfill that will be covered by topsoil. The filled area will then be seeded with grass.

A small area of contaminated groundwater remaining outside the main contaminated area being excavated will be allowed to degrade naturally.

DEC engineers believe that with the source of the groundwater contamination removed, the groundwater plume would reach acceptable limits within five years.

Lyons Ventures, Inc., is the current owner of the property.


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