The empire's new zones

Guilderland town supervisor Kenneth Runion said the town board voted last year to allow the removal of some of the Empire Zones by from Northeast Industrial Park.

"The land coming out of the Empire Zone made sense because it didn't have to the potential to be developed," said Runion.

"How about let's take that acreage and take that out of the zone and apply some of that acreage over to Railroad Avenue," said Csaposs. "The Empire Zone on Railroad Avenue is a potential benefit to Guilderland because, for the most part, the property over there now is kind of beat."

The area along Railroad Avenue is ideal for Empire Zone status because no zoning changes would be needed, and the buildings there already exist. Csaposs said that by "recycling" the rundown buildings along Railroad Avenue that currently do not generate tax revenue, industry in the area could be revitalized.

In addition to increasing the town's tax base, the new development and industry would create employment opportunities as well.

"The objective of the program is to get industrial businesses that will create a significant number of jobs in targeted areas," said Csaposs. Targeted areas include those that have access to water, sewer and high capacity electrical service as well as areas that are already zoned for industrial purposes.

"It has the potential to be a winner all the way around but," said Csaposs, "you can't make business come."

Maguire said that recent redesignation of Empire Zones in Albany County added 29 to 30 acres and that eight different defined areas in the county were reduced to seven "corridors of development.""

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