Morris gets Olympic job

"Teri is not only a huge asset, but she is the reason why (JMJC) works so well," Morris said. "She'll be hugely involved with the Olympic team. Not only will she help me plan the stuff, but I will be bouncing most of my ideas off her, as I do with this program. This is a real long shot, but I would want her to be with me in Beijing " not because she's my wife, but in my opinion she's the best in the business in terms of planning. She's got the whole package."

Morris said he's looking forward to going back to the Olympics, even if he's no longer able to compete as an athlete.

"I'm pretty comfortable being a coach. I do it almost every weekend with my gang," he said. "When we hit the bigger events, the electricity of the crowd still brings back a lot of fond memories and the fact that it would be great to be out there again (competing). But I'm comfortable with where I'm at because there's an end to every athletic endeavor. If I can't compete, this is definitely the next best thing.""

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