Girls take a 'stand'

"I don't know what our goal is," said Molly FitzGibbon, one of the car wash entrepreneurs. She turns 12 on Sept. 27.

As one of the older girls, she handles the money, and can be seen landing sales from passing cars.

Molly said she and the other girls haven't done anything like this before. "I don't know what our goal is " $300 maybe," she said.

The fundraisers have struck a personal note for the families of the girls. Many have been touched by cancer in some form or another.

Mary FitzGibbon, mother of Molly, Danielle and Teresa, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2003.

"I'm going on three years of being clean. I consider myself lucky," said Mary FitzGibbon, who endured six months of chemotherapy and radiation to combat the disease.

FitzGibbon said she didn't use the services of Gilda's Club, but she can sympathize with those who have. Surviving cancer made FitzGibbon and her mother, who was also diagnosed with cancer, realize how important places like Gilda's Club are, she said. The club offers emotional and social support to those living with cancer.

Once FitzGibbon's daughters and the neighborhood girls opted to donate to Gilda's Club, she and the other mothers gladly volunteered their services.

FitzGibbon and Teresa Green, mother of Lizzy, Emily and Maria, 13, baked the goods for last week's sale, and they helped oversee the operation as the girls landed one sale after another. They look on as the group proudly shouts their cause to passers-by.

"Support Gilda's Club," one girl shouts, as a gray sedan turns the corner.

"When they decided to give the money to Gilda's Club, they got more excited and wanted to get more money," said FitzGibbon.

News of the donation has touched Gilda's Club administrators and caught them off guard.

"This sort of epitomizes what Gilda's Club is all about. We are about building a community. This a great parallel to what we are doing, but says so much about that community," said Sheri Scavone Gilda's Club Capital Region New York president and chief operating officer.

Every donation amount is critical, she said.""

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